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Our health and performance gym is led by educated and credentialed professionals committed to improving your health. Godspeed coaches and therapists train, treat and guide each member and patient to a better future. Acheive your goals with us!


Lance Rhodes owner of Godspeed Jones Valley


Lance Rhodes - CSCS

God created the human body with a tremendous ability to adapt. As a high-school athlete desiring to get faster, quicker and more explosive, a passion sparked in me to learn and educate myself on the ability of the human body to respond to stress, especially within the context of human performance.

As I progressed into college academia and athletics, my physical skills became secondary to my desire to understand how the human organism through training stresses altered itself to better respond to the affecting stressor. While at UAB, one of my Professors, Dr. Gary Hunter (UAB -Distinguished Professor in Exercise Science), encouraged further reading in weightlifting mechanics, power output, sports physiology and testing. After graduating in 2006, I began to take my education in Exercise Science and apply my understanding on how the Human Body adapts to training. Starting in my parents basement working with high school athletes in 2006, the dream of Godspeed began. From 2006 to 2014 what began as a dream in my parents basement, starting as Lance Rhodes Performance Methods, Inc. (RPM, Inc.) moved from a 800 sq. ft. rental space, 4,000 sq.ft space and two renovations to what is now known as Godspeed. In April of 2014, Godspeed opened their first campus with two training floors and an artificial turf field. From 2014 – 2020 Godspeed would continue to expand and serve more adults, athletes and teams. February 2020, Godspeed Jones Valley would open in Huntsville, Alabama as Godspeed’s 2nd campus. Following the continued growth of a second campus, Godspeed would expand our services into Physical Therapy starting in 2021 across all locations. Godspeed continues to be the leader in health and performance across adult fitness, athlete performance, team athlete performance and sports physical therapy.

Kendra Miller coach at Godspeed Jones Valley


Kendra Miller - MS, CSSCa, CSCS

EDUCATION Management of Health and Fitness / Northern Michigan University / Sport Business / Temple University CREDENTIALS CSCCa, CSCS, USAW, USATF HOMETOWN Plainwell, MI HIGH SCHOOL Plainwell High School FAVORITE ANIMAL Elephant FAVORITE EXERCISE Back Squat

FAVORITE QUOTE/VERSE Exodus 14:14 WHY COACHING? Between spending years playing various sports and growing up with a father who had coached high school football and powerlifting, it was almost too fitting that I wanted to become a coach as well. I watched my father spend years dedicated to not just developing athletes but preparing them for life after high school or college and to become better people in the process. Knowing the impact and lessons instilled in me from my dad and other coaches, my purpose is to continue to build those same relationships to help people reach their potential and goals not just athletically but personally as well.

Dr. Jared Dowling coach at Godspeed Jones Valley

Physical Therapist

Dr. Jared Dowling - PT, DPT, CSCS

EDUCATION B.S. of Exercise Science Auburn University / Doctorate of Physical Therapy University of South Alabama CREDENTIALS PT, DPT, CSCS HOMETOWN Huntsville, AL HIGH SCHOOL Grissom High School FAVORITE ANIMAL Dogs

FAVORITE EXERCISE Basketball FAVORITE QUOTE/VERSE It takes a daily commitment to achieve a dream of a lifetime WHY COACHING? To improve performance and movement patterns in Athletes reducing occurrence of injury and bridge the gap between “rehab” and “return to play” to give athletes confidence that they are ready to play.

Dr. Meredith Thomas coach at Godspeed Jones Valley

Physical Therapist

Dr. Meredith Thomas - PT, DPT, SCS

DUCATION B.S. - Interdisciplinary Studies: Biology, Kinesiology, and Psychology; University of Mississippi Medical Center Doctorate of Physical Therapy CREDENTIALS PT, DPT HOMETOWN Kosciusko, MS HIGH SCHOOL Kosciusko High School FAVORITE ANIMAL Dog

FAVORITE EXERCISE Deadlift FAVORITE QUOTE/VERSE “No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.” Romans 8: 37 WHY COACHING? Physical therapy is a field of constant growth. I love that I can continuously learn and build connections. In the area of sports, I have the opportunity to work with highly motivated athletes and encourage them to pursue their goals. Helping them reach their goals is extremely rewarding and fun!

Aaron Smith coach at Godspeed Jones Valley


Aaron Smith - MS, CSCS

EDUCATION Berry College - Exercise Science (C/O 2018). /. West Alabama - Master of Physical Edu (C/O 2021) CREDENTIALS USAW, CSCS HOMETOWN Eclectic, Alabama HIGH SCHOOL Elmore County High School (C/O 2014) FAVORITE ANIMAL Mako Shark FAVORITE EXERCISE Back Squat

FAVORITE QUOTE/VERSE “Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; But make it hot by striking” – William Butler Yeats WHY COACHING? The reason I began coaching is to give the athletes the best possible chance that they can have to be successful. Many people were not blessed with all the genetic gifts, so training is the one way that they can make a daily choice to get better physically and athletically. I love the idea of helping someone progress physically, mentally, and emotionally, while also gaining the confidence to be the best version of themselves.

Jacob Chontos coach at Godspeed Jones Valley


Jacob Chontos - BS, CSCS

Bio coming soon.

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